Coming from the blue planet with its instruments harp, bass guitar and drums on board, Orbitarium's sound probe is moving through interstellar space. Hyper frequencies and interference anomalies, real time transformation of subsonic to ultrasonic sound pressure levels and super feedbacks are just a few of the electroacoustic phenomena which Orbitarium is seeking. A journey through the infinite cosmos, seeking for unknown laws, transforming surroundings, undiscovered soundscapes and unexplored worlds.



A bass guitar, drums and an amplified harp: a line-up that is all about challenging musical and instrumental clichés.

With a variety of analog and digital effect processors, the band curiously questions roles among the individual instruments and moves on the thin line between acoustic performance and electronic real time sound manipulation. By improvising and composing collectively, the trio develops its own sound, sometimes minimalistic, sometimes boisterously transcendental. A never-ending process of finding the balance between noise, music and silence.

Philippe Adam - Drums
Francesco Rezzonico - Bass
Esther Sévérac - Harp

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